Small Teams, Big Impact: How Our Engineers Make a Difference at OneLocal

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In the dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere of a startup, OneLocal’s engineers are making significant progress. Our compact yet mighty team of five blends expertise with creativity, offering valuable developmental experiences.

Today, we celebrate the pivotal role our engineers play in our success and explore what sets our work environment apart.

A Culture of Exposure and Opportunities 

Working within a small team at OneLocal isn’t about making a small contribution; it’s about tremendous exposure. Our engineers have the unique opportunity to engage with the full product lifecycle, from hashing out ideas with design and product teams to overseeing feature deployments. This cross-functional integration primes our engineers for exponential personal and professional growth.

Wearing Multiple Hats with Pride

With a smaller, tightly-knit team, we embrace the opportunity for broader exposure and significant personal growth. Rather than being siloed into one role, our talented professionals engage with the full product lifecycle—contributing to integrations, engaging with design and product teams, and ensuring our service is seamless from end to end.

This multi-faceted approach means you might find our team members brainstorming with designers in the morning, enhancing product features by noon, and optimizing user experience by the day’s end. Our adaptive nature was demonstrated through a successful transition from Angular to React.js, reflecting our commitment to staying current and effective in a fast-paced tech world.

With OneLocal, wearing multiple hats isn’t just a requirement—it’s a pathway to a richer professional experience and pioneering in a landscape where agility is synonymous with success.

Innovation at the Heart 

Leveraging cutting-edge development frameworks that are yet to hit the mainstream, our team crafts high-risk, high-reward products that redefine the landscape of merchant-customer engagements.

At the forefront of this pioneering journey is our ambition to harness vast swathes of big data from every merchant interaction. This data acts as a catalyst, powering bespoke, AI-driven workflows designed to revolutionize the way our merchants manage their marketing efforts.

From dynamically updating FAQs to engaging with prospective clients and responding to online reviews, our innovations aim to automate these critical tasks, freeing our clients to focus on what they do best: growing their businesses.

Conducive Work Environment

At OneLocal, our approach to a remote-first work policy reflects our dedication to a modern, adaptable, and supportive work environment.

The provision of stock options to our team members is a testament to our belief in mutual success; as the company grows, so too do the stakes of every engineer within our ranks. This not only ensures that contributions are deeply valued but also aligns individual achievements with the company’s milestones.

Generous PTO, Recharge Days, and an autonomous culture underscore our commitment to the engineers’ work-life harmony, affording them the space to excel professionally while also nurturing their personal development.

Autonomy and Agile Releases

OneLocal thrives in an environment of trust and autonomy, where professionals are empowered to drive their projects with confidence and a sense of ownership. This atmosphere is invigorating for creative minds eager to execute their vision.

Our senior team, with over a decade of experience on average, offers mentorship while also promoting independent contributions. This approach accelerates learning and fosters a collaborative yet autonomous work ethic, resulting in frequent, impactful releases that energize both our engineers and our clients.

In essence, OneLocal is more than a small team bound by a common goal; it’s a collective of seasoned professionals shaping the future of small business marketing solutions, one innovative step at a time. If making a considerable impact within a fast-paced, growth-centric startup excites you, consider joining our team at OneLocal—we’re not just building a SaaS platform; we’re crafting a revolution.

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