Build, manage and monetize your customer database.

Our automated database allows you to organize your contacts, easily track your most valuable customers and personalize their experiences to stay top of mind.

LocalContacts allows you to easily manage all of your contacts and track customer data such as new referrals and messages.

Did you know 20% of your customers drive 80% of your revenue?

Improve your reach and frequency by managing and monetizing your current customer database.

A phone and a laptop are on a table.

Identifying your most valuable customers and reaching out with personalized messaging can lead to long-lasting connections.

LocalContacts features

We help you reach your customers and build your client database through multi-channel engagement.

We’re here to help

Our dedicated customer success and support teams will make sure you’re set up to succeed.

Tailored to you

From branding for your messages to smart personalization, everything is customizable.

Best-in-class features

Our cloud-based dashboard makes it easy to collect customer information, as well as track and analyze performance.

Put your most valuable customers first

Identify your most valuable customers and keep track of your contacts. To keep them engaged, we’ll evaluate and recommend the best times to follow up.

Your customers will be more satisfied by keeping them engaged.
The LocalContacts dashboard provides a way to keep track of and manage all your contacts.

Centralize all of your customer data

We funnel all the customer data you have across multiple channels into one easy-to-read dashboard.

See trends early

Data collected on your customers will help you make more informed decisions that’ll help you grow your business.

Centralize your customer data.

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