How this med spa injected the right team into their marketing strategy

18 keywords in top 3 Google search results
Went from 0 to 70 reviews on Google
500% increase in monthly organic traffic

"Now that we have a much stronger presence online we’re being found by our clientele on Google. This is allowing me to focus on other areas of growth and bringing new staff on."

Dr. Warren tried to do all the marketing himself.

As the medical director and owner of Waterloo Medical Cosmetics, a med spa in uptown Waterloo, he understood that some work lines require deep expertise and years of experience.

He started to realize that focusing on too many things at once can hurt business growth.

“Before OneLocal, I was primarily using Instagram, and it involved me reaching out to people who I thought might be interested and making connections. This took hours and hours every day. My wife hated it. It took over my life and prevented me from working on the bigger picture.”, said Dr. Warren.

Realizing it was time to offload the daily tedious work, he decided to give OneLocal a shot.

"I liked that it was an all-in-one package with reviews, communication, blog posts, google ads, SEO, and my website. It’s nice to give these tasks to someone that has a team of experts behind them because it allows me to focus on other things."

The breakthrough

OneLocal started by analyzing Dr. Warren’s online presence and noticed his organic monthly website visitors were low.

People weren’t finding him online.

The LocalSEO team sent Dr. Warren a proposal of what they would do to get his website found organically on Google. Once Dr. Warren approved the strategy, the team started to optimize his website’s content to rank for lead-generating keywords.

As someone who was used to doing things himself, he wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

"I was kinda nervous, SEO takes a while to kick in, and it seemed for the first 6 months or so that not much was happening. I’m glad I stuck it out because a year later, 80% of our business is coming in because of search engine optimization, which has made a huge difference to the company."

It was a success.

Waterloo Medical Cosmetics had 18 keywords in the top 3 search results as opposed to 1 before OneLocal. The increase raised their organic monthly website visitors by 500%.

OneLocal gave him a massive boost in online visibility using their team of experts. All they needed was his green light on strategy, and they did the rest.

More social proof

As part of their deep dive, they noticed Dr. Warren had 0 reviews on Google. He would manually send emails to clients, asking them to leave a review.

In the med spa industry, patients trust a business to change their appearance for the better, so a mistake can be a scary thought.

“Reputation management was a big priority as a startup because it would help us put our best foot forward online.”

Through the LocalReviews platform, the company ensured that each patient of Waterloo Medical Cosmetics received a review request via text message after an appointment.

The best part is, the OneLocal team did the sending for him, so he didn’t have to worry about it.

This hands-off process brought them from 0 reviews to 70 five-star reviews on Google.

Now that Dr. Warren’s online visibility has gone up, so has the number of inquiries from potential clients.

More inquiries mean having more missed calls to return and a bunch of unread emails.

OneLocal installed a chat widget on their website that allows patients to communicate with the business in a manner they prefer, text message. It was easier for Dr. Warren to stay on top of client communications.

“LocalMessages allows me to communicate with patients on our website through text message even when I’m not on the website myself.”

Taking the load off

From doing it all himself, Dr. Warren now has a team that recommends strategies, executes on them, and brings results that significantly impact the business.

The time-consuming and constantly changing landscape of marketing is all taken care of, and he can focus on steering his business in the direction he’s always wanted to.

"As a business owner and physician, I feel comfortable with the medical aspect. Things like search engine optimization and building a website that converts are areas I don’t deal with daily and don’t have expertise in. Allowing someone else to handle that means I can focus on what that I need to focus on."

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