Provide a seamless customer experience with online bookings.

Our platform handles the booking, check-in and payment process digitally. That way, you can provide a seamless customer experience while reducing the manual work of managing bookings.

LocalVisits allows you to see check-in and payment information to help manage your appointments.

Improve your customer experience and convert more leads.

With our virtual bookings, check-ins, and payments, you can provide a seamless, mobile-friendly experience that will keep your customers coming back.

People are waiting in a waiting room for their appointment.


of customers feel unsafe staying in a waiting room for your service. That’s 2 in 3 of your potential clients.

A woman is outside on her phone, waiting for an appointment.


of people would prefer to check-in using their phone vs. staying in a waiting room or waiting in line.

LocalVisits features​

Improve your customer’s experience by providing virtual bookings, check-ins and payments, so you can book more business in less time.


Manage and confirm your booking requests virtually within the LocalVisits dashboard so all of your bookings are easily organized in one place.


Customers receive booking reminders and check-in links before their appointments begin, so no client will forget about their appointment.

Manage your waiting room

Manage your queue in an intuitive dashboard, which saves you valuable time you would otherwise spend coordinating with clients.

Collect payments through text

After your customers are finished, send a text or email link for payment. Payments integrate with your current setup.

LocalVisits is integrated with LocalMessages which allows you to manage SMS conversations.

Ready to get back to business? We’ve got you covered

Included in your subscription is LocalMessages, which we can leverage to build a reopening campaign that showcases all of the safety measures you’ll be taking.

Customize surveys to your needs

Whether it’s health information or pre-screening for COVID-19 symptoms, you can tailor your check-in experience to maximize safety for your industry.

Check-in surveys can help you screen customers for safety.
The LocalVisits dashboard helps you manage your ongoing appointments safely.

Built for the way you handle customers

Whether you use appointments, walk-ins or some combination of the two, our intuitive dashboard is built to manage any type of customer intake.

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