How Bin There Disposal Services overhauled their marketing

229 new leads from Google ads
62 new reviews on Google
On first page of Google for 8 high-intent keywords

"Since using the OneLocal marketing platform, our company has achieved substantial year-over-year growth."

Personalization is everything.

Nobody knows this better than Jennifer, co-owner of Bin There Disposal Services, a local waste management company. As the one responsible for growing their marketing, she realized how important it is to add a personal touch with her customers.

And that’s what frustrated her about working with marketing companies in the past. They never customized their services to fit her business’s needs.

“The companies I worked with before OneLocal were “cookie-cutter” and tried to shove us into a square box without looking at our business needs. They looked at short-term leads and gains with no long-term growth strategy”, said Jennifer.

She heard about OneLocal through a friend and decided to do her research.

"I was impressed with the lineup of products available. The company culture was highly relationship-based, which is what we believe in as a business. They had the knowledge and expertise of a large company but provided individualized personal service tailored to our needs."

The impact was immediate

At first, Bin There Disposal Services had 5 reviews on Google. OneLocal noticed this was lower than other waste management companies in Vancouver that had 50 or more.

Her previous vendors didn’t recognize this gap because they didn’t analyze her competition.

OneLocal set up an automated system through their accounting software that sent review requests to customers after an invoice got paid. This effort took them from 5 reviews to 67 reviews on their Google My Business Listing.

"The first few months with OneLocal were fantastic. We were in the middle of our busy season, and I remember feeling taken care of. I knew I had a team behind me that was watching over my business growth."

When Jennifer handed over her Google ad campaigns to OneLocal, they noticed something alarming.

The text on their ad and landing page didn’t match up, which was hurting conversions. When people get intrigued by an advertisement but go to a page that doesn’t reflect what they read in the ad, they leave the page and never come back.

Talk about a missed opportunity.

The OneLocal specialists fixed the mismatch, and the results were fantastic. Their conversion rate went from 1.85% to 12.68%, which significantly drove down their cost per lead. This improvement allowed the OneLocal team to bring 228 new leads to the business at a price well within their budget.

Organic growth

There was only one problem with relying on Google ad campaigns for leads all year long.

Bin There Disposal Services has a seasonal component to their business. In months where demand is lower, the cost per lead will be higher.

Understanding this nuance in their business, OneLocal knew they needed to provide Jennifer with a consistent long-term growth strategy.

Search engine optimization was the answer.

The specialists at OneLocal wanted to ensure they rank organically for keywords that get the most searches, are the least competitive to rank for, and have high buyer intent.

They optimized the content on her site, and the number of keywords they have on the first page of Google went from 4 to 8. As a result, their website visitors increased from 229 to over 500 monthly.

Bin There Disposal Services’ online visibility doubled to people who are ready to buy their services.

Traffic is good, leads are better

OneLocal knew the job wasn’t finished.

Bringing Jennifer a ton of website visitors without turning them into leads was pointless.

Looking at the conversion rate on her site, it was 2.36%. Most visitors would leave and search for other businesses instead of being captured immediately.

OneLocal rebuilt their site from scratch. They added new forms, made clear call-to-actions, and displayed all their recent reviews in a widget as social proof for website visitors. Their conversion rate climbed to 9.66%, which is a 304% increase from before.

Every marketing decision they made for Jennifer was based on the specifics of her business.

This personalization gave OneLocal the ability to fix her previous companies’ mistakes and ultimately accelerate Bin There Disposal Services’ growth.

"I’d recommend working with OneLocal because of the overall value they provide and the fantastic people that are driving my company to success."

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