When less is more: Why Signature Massage and Facial Spa moved to just one marketing partner

174 Facebook and Google reviews
On first page of Google for 7 keywords
200% increase in website traffic

"It’s made a huge difference in my revenue, and that's the most important thing as a small business owner — how the ROI has impacted us. If I would have stuck with my various vendors, my revenue would not be where it is today."

As the owner of Signature Massage and Facial Spa for almost a decade, Craig understood better than most that his business’s online presence would be the key to growing his practice.

When you get reviews, have a well-designed website that ranks for local search terms on Google, and have easy ways to reach your customers over text, your revenue will almost certainly increase.

But working with several vendors made it impossible to get the results he needed

For the past 8 years, Craig used the help of multiple vendors to build his website, customer engagement program, and review management system.

“I had to drop them, they weren’t doing what I needed them to”, said Craig.

He was not happy with the results he was getting from the various companies. Turnaround times were longer than he hoped for, he was passed around from department to department and knew that they were not invested in his success.

In his search for a new marketing vendor, Craig had to be sure that he was partnering with the right team that he could trust to produce exceptional results.

Finding his stride

Looking for alternatives, he found OneLocal and took a leap of faith in the team to help his clinic thrive.

Enter Noah, Craig’s customer success marketing specialist who became dedicated to serving all of Signature Massage and Facial Spa’s marketing needs.

"It’s made a huge difference in my revenue, and that's the most important thing as a small business owner — how the ROI has impacted us. If I would have stuck with my various vendors, my revenue would not be where it is today."

“I wanted to know what my customers were saying when they left”

The first order of business became setting up an automated system to get reviews.

Previously, the receptionist asked each customer to leave a review after an appointment.

Together with Noah, they streamlined the review generation process with LocalReviews to get over 174 positive reviews on Google and Facebook, along with 60 positive testimonials. Craig started to see a steady increase in customers because he stood out from his competitors and ranked higher on Google searches due to this success.

“We are constantly moving forward on new projects and initiatives together”

With review management taken care of, Craig and Noah set their next goal to improve customer engagement and retention with LocalMessages.

Signature Massage and Facial Spa has treated thousands of clients over its 8-year lifespan, and Craig wanted a way to engage these clients in an efficient and effective manner. Using OneLocal’s LocalMessages, he was able to connect with past and current clients via text-messaging to create awareness surrounding monthly promotions and even push for new product sales on Black Friday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

And that’s not all.

Noah and the OneLocal team worked on his search engine optimization so that he could get ranked on the first page of Google for 7 different keywords, such as “Tampa Massage Spa”, all chosen to drive potential customers to purchase Signature Massage’s services. This resulted in a 200% increase in traffic to the website and 30% increase in the average time spent on the website.

But what’s the point of driving traffic if users don’t convert?

The team at OneLocal revamped Craig’s website for mobile and desktop responsiveness. This way all of the new leads from reviews, re-engagement, and SEO were much more likely to turn into paying customers. Talk about coming full circle.

In trusted hands

Craig now had confidence in Noah and the OneLocal team to always put Signature Massage’s success first. He could rely on expert advice from the OneLocal team for all his marketing needs, whether it be review management, customer engagement campaigns, SEO optimization, or website updates. And that’s just good business.

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