Don’t Buy Fake Reviews

Want free positive reviews? Look no further, sign up and tarnish your reputation

There are many online websites where people offer fake review services, such as posting multiple positive reviews. You can find people who are willing to provide these services on sites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk or Fiverr.

But before you go there to look for some quick free reviews to boost your business reputation, know that along with the quick climb to fame and money it will also be detrimental to your business in the long run.


There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be tempted into buying fake reviews. All of these reasons can lead to the downfall of your business.

Kills your business reputation

To start, if the word gets out that you paid for fake reviews to boost your business reputation. Your business will take the hit in the form of lost customers and sales. In this day and age news spreads fast, especially negative news. With a few clicks, thousands of people could find out how your business bought fake reviews. Cue loss of customers.

Google can find out

Google uses language and IP tracking to identify known fake reviewers. If found that they have been visiting your business page to leave those reviews. Your online business could come under evaluation and those reviews in question could be deleted. Google can also hit those businesses with a penalty.

Anyone can find out

There are multiple third-party sites that people can input your business into and scan for fake reviews. Sites such as have been designed to protect the consumer from businesses with dishonest reviews.

Many people question the authenticity of reviews, this means if you buy fake reviews – it won’t help your business at all. Purchasing reviews is a short-term solution and no improvements are seen in the long term. Instead of paying the prices for fake reviews, opt-in for an easier way to get genuine reviews from happy customers. ReviewEdge has helped hundreds of businesses grow their amount of positive reviews written by real customers.

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