Top Consumer Business Review Websites

20 of The Top Consumer Review Sites

Welcome! It’s time to tackle our practical guide on top-notch customer feedback. Let’s dig into some of the best business review websites. You might be curious: how big of a role do these platforms really play in today’s market scene?

Let’s imagine this for a second: you’re a customer, ready to acquire some services or buy a product. How awesome would it be to check out what people thought, specifically people who have already used these services or products? That’s what business review websites are all about. They provide a look into honest ratings by actual users and they either back up or question the brand’s promises.

At their heart, business review platforms work like online public squares, a place for customers to share their experiences. For buyers, it feels a bit like getting honest advice from a good friend. For companies, it’s a chance to understand what their customers think and how to get better. Can you see how such knowledge would be handy before you go ahead and buy?

Let’s talk about the top 20 sites and how they each work!

General Business and Service Reviews

Looking to understand what your customers really think of your company? Well, look no further; Google Business Profile (GBP) has you covered. This is a great place where customer reviews are shared directly on Google listings. So, when potential customers search for your company on Google, they will certainly see those reviews on your GBP.

Google My Business

Then there’s Yelp, a much-loved platform for digging into local businesses. A lot of people trust Yelp because they love to read real customer opinions on various companies like eateries, repair shops, and hair salons. Yelp is famous for its broad user base and simple interface, making the discovery of public opinions a walk in the park.


Now, let’s talk about Facebook. It’s not just for chatting with friends, but also a public arena where customers leave feedback on your business page. Given its enormous number of users, you certainly don’t want to overlook its potential reach.


Angi, which you might know as Angie’s List, is chiefly focused on local service providers and contractors. This is where customers spill the beans about local services, covering everything from plumbing to landscaping.


The Better Business Bureau (a close partner to trust in the business world, or BBB for short) is there to validate businesses following fair and ethical trade practices. This site shows doing business has many focuses beyond cutting deals; it’s about making open and honest ones.

Better Business Bureau

Merchant Circle is a great blend of local business listings and customer reviews. Its easy access to local businesses and firsthand reviews from community people make it a must-visit resource.

In the mood for Q&A-style customer feedback? Keep Sitejabber in mind. More than just a review platform, Sitejabber facilitates consumers engaging in Q&As, bringing about more profound insights, not just complaints or praises.

Site Jabber

CA Consumer Affairs serves as both a review platform and an official website of the California government. With its extensive collection of business listings and reviews spanning various industries, this website provides a comprehensive perspective. Whether you’re interested in electronics or insurance, it offers in-depth coverage across a broad spectrum of sectors within its expansive database.

Consumer Affairs

Trustpilot is yet another modern and efficient place for consumers to have real conversations about businesses–big and small.


It’s a welcoming platform where all types of customer experiences flourish.

Product and E-commerce Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews play a big part in shopping decisions in Amazon’s huge online marketplace. Have you ever thought about why this is the case? The power of positive feedback can strengthen a shopper’s desire to buy. It’s a clear sign of how good a product is, like getting advice from a good friend. We all know how important we take that, right?

Amazon Reviews

With a ton of people visiting Amazon every day, the reviews section acts like a bright, honest corner influencing shoppers around the globe. You could see it as a truth-teller for online shopping, revealing the good, bad, and unexpected sides of each item.

Taking into account Amazon sells all sorts of products; imagine the depth of this feedback! From popular items to unique finds, the wide-ranging shopper input is really valuable when deciding whether to hit the tempting “add to cart” button. Now, in a time where customer opinion is shaping online shopping, this massive heap of feedback helps direct online visits.

Healthcare Reviews

Healthcare review sites are a go-to resource when you’re on the hunt for skilled providers. Let’s talk about which ones are topping the charts.

First off, let’s talk about Healthgrades. What’s special about this site? Well, it covers everything from doctors to dentists with complete profiles and customer reviews. So whether you’re sleuthing for data on a doctor or a hospital – Healthgrades has you covered.


Then there’s Essentials. Now, this site stands out because it’s loaded with rankings of physicians. Plus, it’s a unique spot where you can find highly praised doctors near you. But what makes Essentials really shine is how they share costs associated with medical procedures. That’s valuable transparency for healthcare expenses! And for those of you who don’t like to wait – Essentials has your back – they reveal wait times, too.

Next, there’s You’re not just finding doctors here; you’re also discovering wellness and fitness professionals. From nutritionists to yoga teachers, if it’s about your well-being, it’s on this site. Users here can even review wellness events and programs. How great is that?

And let’s not forget about lifestyle-specific healthcare areas. Mentions of medspas, salons, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and opticians come to the fore here. Websites like RealSelf are perfect for those in search of MedSpa reviews – but we’re not stopping the list there. SalonSeeker is a fantastic find for those searching for a top-notch beauty spot, while Chirodirectory is a great starting point for those seeking a skilled chiropractor.

Need some attention for your eyes? Check Zocdoc or; they’re known for reliable reviews of leading optometrists. And if you’re scouting out a great physiotherapist, websites like are ready to help.

Finally, if you’re looking for a new dentist, also offers solid reviews, lending a helpful hand in your search.


But what’s the point of all this? Well, the key thing is that these review platforms help patients and customers like you and me. They guide our decisions about who can best provide for our healthcare and wellness needs. We’re the ones in the driver’s seat. And that’s the way it should be, right? For healthcare providers, these platforms are a godsend to up their reputation game and attract more clients.

Platforms like these are a win-win for doctors and their patients.

How to Display Product Reviews on Your Website

The process of setting up a system for product reviews on your site needs to be done just right.


Depending on your CMS, this process can vary a bit:

  • First, decide which reviews you want to display on your website. There are quite a few of them out there, so try to narrow it down to the top directories where you are the most active. Might we suggest starting with Google, Facebook and/or Yelp, which are among the most popular and also happen to be part of the OneLocal LocalReviews offering.
  • It’s best to get reviews straight from your customers, too. It sounds crazy, but people like to tell others about their experiences! This gives you more reviews and also lets your customers share their experiences with your product. So, if possible, choose a system which enables people to leave new reviews as well.
  • Keep in mind that reviews don’t have to live only on product pages. You can show off your best reviews on landing pages, category pages, or even right on the homepage.
  • Offering little benefits, like free shipping or discounts, to encourage customers to leave reviews is really helpful. Making the review process as easy as possible helps in getting more reviews, too.

A review system can bring customers closer to you by making them part of a community on your site. It also makes their browsing experience user-friendly, and that’s what we all want!

Are Larger Review Websites Always Better?

It’s true big review sites cover tons of businesses in different fields. This wide range could be a good thing, as it offers plenty of views. It’s hard not to be attracted by the prospect of having so many opinions ready for you. A large user base can mean more activity, which might lead to faster access to useful information on a business.

But let’s spin this around for a minute.

Bigger does mean more and more can also mean louder. Crowds aren’t always wise – they can sometimes just echo baseless opinions and biases. For big platforms, managing the authenticity of these popular opinions can be a tough game. It’s a pretty tricky balance to keep, isn’t it?

Now, let’s bring into focus the smaller, niche review sites. These tiny players swimming with the big fishes could offer specific insights the big ones might miss. For instance, a dedicated wine fan wouldn’t want advice from a generic site reviewing everything from hair salons to hardware stores, right? They’d probably prefer a site all about vineyards and wines.

The smaller sites often create a sense of a close-knit community, fostering real chat among people sharing common interests. Plus, the businesses reviewed on these sites are typically very specialized, leading to more thorough and expert reviews. They might not draw massive crowds, but they do have a following that values quality over quantity.

There are also SEO benefits. The more relevant the review site, the more weight Google tends to put on those results.

SEO Benefits

If you’re focusing on your SEO efforts, you’ll definitely want to mix in some hyper-relevant review sites.

Both big and small sites have their strengths. Users should really consider what they need in particular and decide if a wide range of focused expertise suits them better. And keep in mind, just because a site is crowded with reviews doesn’t mean it’s superior. Also, the specific knowledge of a niche community doesn’t certify their judgment is flawless. Because, at the end of the day, how we view quality is a personal thing.

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OneLocal Dashboard

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