LocalAnalytics gives you a detailed view of your performance.

See enhanced performance metrics for your Website, SEO, and Ads in real-time and paint a performance picture with the most local analytics and metrics.

Macho Movers
Waterloo Medical Cosmetics
Bin There Disposal Services Ltd.
Mimico Physiotherapy and Chiropractic

Are you getting the data to enable good decisions based on your local analytics?

Finding new customers and retaining existing ones is your top priority. Our performance analytics tools allow you to identify trends from your site, SEO and ads to meet your business goals. 

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Businesses that use data analytics tools generate 15% more in sales.​

LocalAnalytics features

Our dashboard enables real-time, day-to-day monitoring of site, SEO and ads performance.

Track site Performance

We’ll track all conversions, traffic and engagement coming from your website to improve site performance based on visitor behaviour.

Optimize Online presence

See key SEO performance metrics like organic search position, traffic, and conversions in real-time, as well as keyword and GBP performance.

Maximize Ad Performace

Get a comprehensive view of your ad campaigns and understand how users interact with your ads in order to optimize conversions. 

Performance analytics in real-time

Instantly access your site, SEO, and ad performance from the dashboard and stay up-to-date. Easily monitor and compare your progress with timeline metrics to ensure you hit your goals. 

The LocalSEO dashboard provides SEO analytics such as visitor information and traffic source breakdowns.
OneLocal can help you improve your search rankings.

Fully transparent campaigns

With full access to your Facebook and Google ad analytics, you’ll know exactly where your budget is going. 

Get a bird's eye view of your analytics

We provide a comprehensive view of your online presence and performance in order to understand your target market’s behaviour and generate more leads.

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