How My Mold Masters remediated their sales growth and broke new records

54 new leads through Google and Facebook ads
100% increase in Google reviews
214% increase in monthly website visitors

"It seems natural to put a team of people in place who know what they are doing then hope and pray, but “poof” it’s happening. Looking at our online presence and translating that into sales growth... it’s astronomical, I would have never guessed it could be this big."

Chase was a 15-year veteran in the mold removal industry and knew how to provide high-quality work. However, he had one goal in 2020, to increase sales and maintain healthy profit margins.

The next step was to expand his service area and acquire new customers. It was clear he had to make a bigger investment in marketing to attract locals.

“Our marketing efforts before OneLocal were my wife and I trying to utilize Google’s sales team to the best that they would help us with Google ads. We spent a lot of money and a lot of time trying to focus on those channels,” said Chase.

With big targets for the upcoming year, Chase wanted to realize his business goals quicker.

A new opportunity

One day, Chase received a call from Mickey, a OneLocal product expert. Based on their online presence and goals, the timing was perfect.

“The initial decision to move forward with OneLocal was sincerely based on Mickey. I liked the way he talked to me, I liked the way he communicated directly, and it was a to-the-point conversation with him.”

It was off to the races from here. Mickey worked with other team members to bring Chase’s vision to life.

“I had no experience with an outside marketing company, and it really baffled me as to how we could communicate enough to make you understand what it takes to market this company. So I was initially skeptical but excited.”

After Mickey got the ball rolling he handed the day-to-day operations to Adam, Chase’s point of contact and marketing expert going forward.

Building the foundation

On the first call with Chase, Adam noticed his existing reputation management process was making it tough for customers to leave reviews and lacked customization.

Knowing this, Adam set up LocalReviews to send customers a branded text after a job was complete. Once the customer received the text message they have the option to post a review on Google, Facebook, or a positive testimonial on their website.

This reputation management process doubled their reviews across Google and Facebook in a short period and helped them increase their online visibility.

Adam then started working with the LocalAds team to help Chase generate leads that are looking for mold removal services. The team continued to run ads with the highest conversion rates only.

The grand result? Website visitors went up 214% and Chase got 54 new leads across Google and Facebook.

Now that more potential customers were seeing My Mold Masters online, it only made sense to redesign their website to optimize for conversions.

After all, what is the point of being found online if it doesn’t translate to more customers?

The LocalSite team rebuilt their website, added a text widget and a review widget. The text widget ensured potential customers can inquire about services via SMS and get answers within minutes. The review widget showcased the company’s positive testimonials across Google and Facebook for people to see.

The rebuild has led to 25% fewer people leaving their website without requesting a quote or browsing to other pages. And as a result, visitors spend 150% more time on the new site.

"I’ve always known that you know a tree by its fruit. In the last 3 months, we’ve had our top producing 3 months. So because of OneLocal, we’re breaking new records every month."

Tying it all together

Adam and the team were able to help Chase get more leads, convert them into customers, and showcase their happy sentiment in the form of an online review.

Through this marketing journey, Adam was there to support Chase and his wife every step of the way. Believe it or not, this was Chase’s favorite part of it all.

"The biggest thing I like about OneLocal is the service and response I get from all the guys there. Someone is always there, and we feel like all our team members up there care, so that’s pretty nice."

With the help of Adam and Mickey, he was able to build the key foundations of his marketing.

Chase is well on his way to achieving his audacious business goals; growing sales and maintaining a healthy profit margin.

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