Engineering Interview Process

Explore the experience of interviewing for an engineering position at OneLocal, gaining insights into our process and preparing to stand out.

Our process

At OneLocal, we place tremendous value on identifying candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also harbour a genuine passion for their craft. 


We recognize that securing the perfect fit is pivotal for achieving incredible results and driving our company’s success. Conversely, we acknowledge that neglecting to assess someone’s technical proficiency and overlooking their alignment with our team can adversely affect their well-being and career. 

We are wholeheartedly committed to discovering the right talent by implementing a comprehensive application process that is also considerate of our candidates’ time and energy. Through meticulous identification and selection of candidates, we ensure that our team is positioned for success, enabling us to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Step 1

Preliminary Screening Call

Step 2

Code Assessment

Step 3

Technical Interview

Step 4

CTO Interview

Step 5

Offer to Join the Team

Once you apply, we prioritize reviewing your application within 3 business days. If we identify a potential match, our dedicated Technical Recruiter will reach out to schedule a Preliminary Screening Call. 

This call typically lasts 15-20 minutes and allows us to delve deeper into your technical skills and experience, as well as complete a quick exercise. We want to ensure that this call is a valuable exchange, so we encourage you to ask questions as well. Occasionally, a follow-up call may be necessary to cover all the important aspects and address any additional questions you may have. We are genuinely interested in understanding what specifically motivates you to work with OneLocal.

Following the screening call, we will debrief with our team to decide if you’ll proceed to the technical Code Assessment. 

This is an algorithmic challenge with a suggested completion time of 20-30 minutes. However, there’s a time cap of 40 minutes when you enter the link. After completion, one of our engineers will review and assess your solution.

A successful code test solution will lead to a Technical Knowledge-based Interview with some of our engineers. 

This interview provides an opportunity for you to interact with our team, tackling a range of technical questions to identify your strengths and any areas for improvement. It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have for our team.

In the final interview, our Technical Recruiter will introduce you to our CTO for a brief 30-minute discussion. 

During this time, we aim to understand your career aspirations and goals, and how we can best align to welcome you onto our team.

After successfully navigating our interview stages, we may present you with an official invitation to join the OneLocal team. 

This offer will outline key details such as your role, compensation, benefits, and other perks. We’re enthusiastic about the prospect of you joining us and contributing to the dynamic environment at OneLocal. We look forward to your positive response as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Have questions?

To enhance your candidate experience, please inform our Talent Acquisition team of any accommodations or adjustments you may require at any point during the recruitment process.

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