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Your Business Needs an Email Signature (It’s Free!)

Billions of emails are sent daily.

72% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

Emails have evolved past only being text messages. Emails now have a lot more functionality built into them. Businesses are becoming more creative with emails.
I remember learning the basics of emailing in elementary school.
Start off with a greeting and address the individual you are messaging. End off with “Sincerely” accompanied by your name.
Nowadays, the basics of emailing has grown. It is common practice to have email signatures, company logos, social media links and so much more.
The main reason you should include an email signature is because it showcases your company brand. Having a nice email signature gives off a sense of professionalism to the customer. Email signatures also allow you to showcase your company social media accounts. You can also promote special offers right from the email signature. These signatures are a digital business card and ad space all in one.
It is essential for you to have an email signature, especially if your business relies heavily on emails.
For a professional looking email signature, you don’t have to spend hours trying to create one or hire a designer. There are many web based software that would generate email signatures for you.

Here I’ll go through 2 online email signature generators.


  1. Hubspot Email Signature

This is a common email signature generator. It is great because the interface is straightforward to use.
Start off by filling out your basic information:
First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Email, Company Name
I recommend also filling out: Website, Photo link.
Why Website? Let customers easily visit your website. They could see other services that you offer. This also allows prospects to do more research before booking a service with your business.
Why Photo? Customers build more of a bond when they see the face of whomever they are messaging with.
Social Media Tab → The next tab will be asking for your company social media information. Posting all your available social media accounts is recommended as they get access to your updates. Engaging with your customers will increase the chances they will spend again with your or even promote your company via word of mouth.
Style Tab → Brand the email signature to your company colours, showcase your brand! Play around with the style until you have something you like.
Call to Action (CTA) tab → Use this area to showcase promotions, or ask customers to leave you a review. If you send invoices or followups via email, this is a great way to get those happy customers to easily leave you a review.
This is another email signature generator that I found. Personally, I have not used it but this generator seems versatile. This generator includes an option to customize your email signature based on email platform you are using. Right from the top you are able to choose different email signature templates. In the center it will showcase the changes that you make through the left side column.

Now that you have your email signature created, remember to upload them into your email platform so the signature shows up on every email.

Here are the steps for common email platforms:



Outlook 365 

Tip: Want to get more reviews? Add your business Gmail link right into your signature or if you use ReviewEdge, directly leave the review survey link as a Call to Action.

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