Two Simple Methods to Passively get more Reviews

Following the Best way to get online reviews article, we thought it would be useful to share a second, more “passive” way to collect reviews. As we covered, asking for reviews in-person is the most effective strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

We recommend using different channels to offer a convenient way to leave your business a review. In addition to sending customers requests, here are a few review options you should offer:

1.In Emails

Your email communications are a great opportunity to offer a convenient review option. Let’s say your average customer receives seven emails from you surrounding an order ( two inquiries, one booking, one confirmation, a receipt and a thank you email), that’s seven opportunities to offer your customers to leave you feedback. It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities and improve the odds a receiving feedback or reviews. To do so, there should be a link added to your transactional emails and to your team’s email signatures.

If you are already a ReviewEdge customer, you can use the quick-feedback link associated with your account, if not, simply use a link to Google, Facebook or any other page where you’d like the customers to leave the review.

In transactional emails:

You can add the link as either a button or text. We recommend having the link in all the emails, but if you have to choose, include it in emails following the transaction. Like invoices or receipts.

Leave us a Two Simple Methods to Passively get more Reviews.png

In the email signature:

Include a line of text in your email signature that is attached to the link. It will make it easy for customers to pull up any email and leave a review!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.03.17 PM.png

2.On your website

A button or widget on your website will also allow your customers to have an accessible review option. The perk here is that there doesn’t need to be any ongoing communications with your customers for them to leave a review. They might simply be looking at your available services online and realize they forgot to leave a review after their last service.

You can include the button or widget on any page a current customer is likely visit. For example the home page, “about us” or “contact us” sections, services and pricing page are all perfect locations to add review option.


Using a Widget: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.09.09 PM.png

Using a button: 

Leave a Review Go plow (1).png


There should always be an accessible way for customers to leave you a review, especially when they have recently been in contact with your business. Whenever a customer feels like sharing their thoughts on your business, they should be able to do so easily. Adding a review link to all your emails and your website are simple options that will have big payoffs.

If you are a ReviewEdge customer, use your quick-feedback link and add it everywhere you can!



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