Why Testimonials are as Important as Reviews

Why Testimonials are as Important as Reviews

90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence buying decision.(marketingland) (Image: ReviewEdge widget on business page)

The major problem in the marketplace nowadays is that consumers are exposed to too many options. This being said there is no doubt that review sites have a phenomenal effect on a business. Let’s put this into context, if a business is getting consistent negative reviews, it’s very likely that their business will be dwindling. On the flip side, if the business is consistently getting good reviews, then their trickle of customers will build up to a healthy flow.

Testimonials and reviews go hand in hand, having both showcased on your business page gives you the one-up over other local businesses. Reviews showcase negative and positive aspects of a customers experience, including positive customer testimonials will draw the attention of prospects, which translates into a higher possibility of converting them into a paying customer.


85% of consumers said they read up to 10 reviews before trusting a business

All these choices in the marketplace enforces consumers to routinely ask for recommendations or look at online reviews. Of course, you love the product or service that your business is selling but consumers are wired to be skeptical, reviews and shining testimonials help your business cross the initial filters in consumers minds.

The Benefits of Testimonials

1) Testimonials provide “social proof”, and builds trust & credibility

Marketing executives at large corporations understand the importance of testimonials and are using them in their marketing regularly. Testimonials allow satisfied customers to step forward and vouch for your business. These testimonials will address any questions and objections that fill prospects minds. Having other consumers vouch for your business helps builds trust and credibility in prospects, leading to higher sales conversions.

2) Testimonials provide emotional persuasion

Brands that inspire higher emotional intensity receive 3x as much word of mouth as less emotionally connected brands ( Pam Moore)

Customer testimonials frame an experiential story that helps create an emotional appeal for your brand, which allows the opportunity for a deeper brand connection. People are very emotionally driven, so brands that connect with prospects on an emotional level are more likely to be able to close the sale.


Neil Patel

3) Testimonials capture attention

Human brains are wired for stories, so having a good testimonial will help pull a prospect in. Getting interest from a prospect is the first step in converting them into a paying customer. Reviews often don’t have the same compelling effect as a well-written testimonial. The testimonial below exemplifies something that would catch a website visitors eye, an experience this individual had with your company.


Orbit Media Studios

4) Enforces Client Loyalty

If you display a testimonial that a customer has written, it makes that individual customer feel more connected to your business. Those customers with deeper connection to a certain business start developing brand loyalty. Now these loyal customers instantly become mobile marketers for your business.

How to Spot an Outstanding Testimonial

A good testimonial should be relatable, sincere, and specific!

Average Testimonial
: “The product was amazing! Would definitely buy again!”

Great Testimonial: “ The product worked exactly as specified on the package if not better, I saw quick results in a week after using it. I have tried a bunch of products before but this is the first time I have seen such great results”

A key factor in a good testimonial is having adequate information (ex: first name, last name, date, picture) on the person who wrote the testimonial. A testimonial writer who is easier to identify and relate to would be held to a higher regard in prospects mind over an anonymous testimonial

OneLocal helps you showcase both reviews and testimonials right from your business web page, click here to learn more.


Ways to Effectively use Testimonials

1) Having the OneLocal ReviewEdge widget right in your business web page

  • Allows prospects to conveniently view testimonials and reviews

2) Insert testimonials next a Call to Action (CTAs)

  • Having a relevant glowing testimonial next to a call to action will help drive conversions, whether it is collecting emails or promoting a product

3) Use testimonials in marketing materials (posts, emails)

  •  Increases the weight of the sales messages
  • Higher possibility of email being read

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