Five ways in which valuable feedback can be used to improve your business’ offering



Even if your business is performing well, generating sales, and running itself with minimal need to micromanage, there is always room for improvement.

Accordingly, if you truly want your venture to achieve sustained success, utilizing all available resources is crucial; customer feedback is undoubtedly the most important by far.

The ongoing pursuit for improvement is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur. Given that your decisions will dictate whether the business sinks or swims, keeping your customers satisfied should sit at the top of your agenda. OneLocal’s ReviewEdge gives you the power and authority to use feedback as a stimulant for future business enhancements. Here’s how:

1. Gain Trust & Credibility

If the business performs as well as you think it does, the vast majority of the customer feedback will be of a positive nature. The high percentage of positive remarks, as well as the comments themselves, can become one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal.

Prospective customers will want to remove any doubts from their mind before completing a purchase. Reading the positive views of unbiased clients will go a long way to putting those fears to bed. In turn, this gives your business a far more credible reputation.

Moreover, it confirms your thoughts regarding the current quality of your service.

2. Iron Out The Kinks

No business is perfect, but you can take the negative reviews to better your business.  Even the best companies are guilty of a few errors within their operation, even if it’s simply due to outdated tech or methods being used. Focusing on the least amazing areas of your operation will serve you very well indeed.

Suggestions regarding elements that customers aren’t overly impressed with will point you in the right direction. Prioritizing the upgrades and areas of improvement based on customer disapprovals should result in far quicker transformation. In turn, this should be reflected by bolstered sales.

If nothing else, the increased sense of control will put you on the right track for sustained triumphs.

3. Rectify Individual Mistakes

The harsh reality is that unhappy clients are more likely to respond than happy ones, but those disagreements can actively encourage you to make amends. By showing a genuine sense of care in this manner, you may prevent the threat of losing clients to competitors.

Many unhappy customers will leave negative feedback, but won’t actively seek a refund or replacement. By responding to their issues and going the extra mile to solve them, they’ll feel valued and appreciated. In many cases, they will spread positivity to friends and family as a result.

If they then update their feedback with a positive remark, it will also boost your credibility with potential customers who read the updated review.

4. Build A Sense Of Community

Interaction and participation are key elements as you look to maintain customer loyalty. After all, an engaged customer  is far more likely to complete transactions when the company and its products are fresh in their minds. When you respond to it in a winning style, feedback can work wonders.

Think of negative feedback as constructive criticism, and you can make changes to your business that will position you to better serve your existing and new customers. When clients see that you value their opinions, they’ll feel as though they are playing an active role in the future of the company. This will build a far stronger bond with you and your customers.

Moreover, as you start to produce new or revised  products and service that were the brainchild from their feedback, your customers will be more inclined to buy them.

5. Gain Insights Into New Ideas

Customer expectations evolve with time, and there’s nothing you can do to stop that. If you want to avoid being left behind, it’s imperative that your company takes note of what clients are saying. While their input alone won’t be enough, it can become a crucial ingredient. Do not underestimate it.

Clients may make suggestions about the things that they’d like to see in the future, or come up with ideas that could actively improve the quality of your goods and services. It’s important to back this up with other types of market research. Still, the needs of your key demographics are the priority.

Not every idea that your customers introduce will work, but making it easy for your customers to leave you feedback can be used to gain further inspiration.

The Final Word

Customer feedback can take many forms, including the surveys and focus groups. However, the feedback on your existing operation will always form the strongest platform for moving your business venture in the right direction.

OneLocal’s ReviewEdge tool provides you the  opportunity to gain access to a wealth of data from your customers. Use that data to your advantage, and your  business will be better than ever in no time.


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